The objectives of this site are:
  • To provide authentic information about Islam as it was preached by Prophet Muhammad SA'AWS and demonstrated by his model of excellence, and as practised collectively by the community of His companions;
  • To answer questions that arise in the minds of 21st century Muslims;
  • To identify the goals and objectives for which Allaah bestowed Islam to humanity in order to help Muslims shift their focus from ritualism to the attainment of the objective of Deen;
  • To provide Teachings of the Qur-aan (interpretive presentation of its meanings) and running commentary in today’s language, but firmly based on the authentic works of the Tafseer by celebrated Islamic scholars.
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Canadian Institute of Policy Studies

CIPS is a national non-partisan, non-profit organization devoted to independent research and innovative policy solutions. It aims to improve Canadians’ quality of life through sound foreign, economic, and social policy.

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Islamic Reflections is a believers' forum for studying, reminding, reflecting upon, adopting and practicing the messages of the Qur'aan and Sunnah as well as helping each other do the same.

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