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Islam is a way of life that is based on submission to Allaah, and through that submission, makes the believers be at peace with themselves, their environment and their societies and makes them strive for excellence in their behaviour.


Any human being who believes in the Islamic faith in the following manner:
  • That we are a creation of the Creator, Allaah, Who is infinite in His person and all of His attributes; that He is One and Unique, having no sons or daughters; that anything in this universe other than Him is His creation; that none of His creations is similar in any aspect or equal to Him in any respect, or a partner with Him in divinity in any sense of the term; that He has pre-programmed His creations to be bound by His laws of nature but He Himself is not bound by them and overrules them as and when He likes; that He actively oversees the affairs of the universe and administers its affairs according to His will; that being the Creator, only He has the genuine right to dictate His teachings, laws or commands to us; that being His creation we must submit to Him slavishly, completely and unconditionally in every aspect of life (private or public, individual or societal, personal or social, economic or political) throughout our lives; that His commands must take precedence over any commands or teachings of any of His creations; that His commands are eternal like Him and are valid, relevant and applicable for all times to come until the Last Day; that no human being has the right to change, adjust, update or consider inapplicable any one of His teachings, laws or commands until the Last Day; that He deals with people according to their faith and action, not according to their race, bloodline or any characteristic that is beyond individual human choice; and that He is going to hold us accountable for obedience or disobedience to those teachings, laws and commands, and reward or punish accordingly.
  • That Allaah sent prophets and messengers for educating people in His Deen and that Muhammad is the last prophet and last messenger of Allaah who not only brought the message but also served as the perfect and complete model, and demonstrated how the Deen of Allaah should be practiced, implemented, established, lived by and propagated. Only that interpretation of Islam is valid that fully conforms to his model. As a representative and Messenger of Allaah, he is also a source of law, rules and regulations and must be obeyed unconditionally.
  • That Allaah revealed books to inform people of His commands and teachings and that the Qur-aan is the last Book of Allaah revealed in His own eternal words to remain in force until the Last Day. None of its words or teachings can ever become out-dated or irrelevant with time. Its every word and syllable must be believed, followed and practised without exception in every era until the Last Day. It has fully replaced the old books so that no one needs to refer back to them. Whatever good was revealed in the past is already included in the Qur-aan. It is the only criterion of Truth. If anything contained in other religious books is in conformity to the words of the Qur-aan, that is true; anything inconsistent with the Qur-aan is false and everything else in those books is unreliable.
  • That angels are another living creation of Allaah that have been pre-programmed to remain dutifully obedient to Allaah.
  • That this world is a temporary world where we have been sent only for a test and that we will all be raised again on the Day of Resurrection to be judged regarding our performance in this test. Those who succeed in the test will be rewarded in the Gardens (Jannah) and those who fail will be imprisoned and punished in Hell. The life Hereafter will be eternal.

In Islam, there is only one kind of Muslim. “Muslim” cannot be qualified with other appellations.


Anyone who truly believes in all the Islamic articles of faith as detailed in the Qur-aan, including Muĥammad as the last Prophet and Messenger as well as the Qur-aan as the last Book currently applicable until the Last Day. In the Qur-aan, “believer” is used synonymously with “Muslim”, except for one verse of Al-Ĥujuraat wherein “Muslim” has been used in its literal meaning instead of its Islamic conceptual meaning.


A person who sincerely believes in the abovementioned stipulations but slips, makes mistakes or violates any of the teachings in his practical life. A sinner feels bad about his infractions and seeks or wishes to seek Allaah’s forgiveness for those infractions. Allaah is forgiving to those sinners who seek His forgiveness sincerely and intend to live by the above-mentioned stipulations.


Anyone who disbelieves, doubts, challenges, takes exception to or remains indifferent to any of the abovementioned stipulations. Kaafir is a generic term for a non-Muslim. Its plural is Kuffaar (disbelievers or non-Muslims).


Same as Kaafir.


Anyone who pretends or claims to believe in Islamic faith but in his heart disbelieves, doubts, takes exception to or adopts indifference to any of the abovementioned stipulations and, thus, in reality is a Kaafir.

People with the Book

Those non-Muslims or disbelievers (Kuffaar) who believe in a previously revealed book such as the Torah or Gospel.

Goal of Life

The goal of life for a Muslim is to maximize the attainment of the pleasure of Allaah by submitting in obedience to Allaah, living by His Deen and striving to achieve the objectives of Deen.


Deen is a set of beliefs, paradigms, principles and perspectives that determines the lifestyle of people, the kind of choices and decisions they make in their day-to-day life and the way they set their priorities in life. Briefly, it is called “way-of-life”. Many people nowadays follow a lifestyle based on Western, secular philosophy, and thus it can be called the Western or secular Deen. When the lifestyle, the choices, the decisions and the priorities are determined for the pleasure of Allaah in submission to His teachings, laws and commands, it is called Allaah’s Deen. Allaah has named it Islam – the Deen based on submission to Allaah. Whenever “Deen” is used on this website without any qualifier, it refers to Allaah’s Deen -- Islam.


A set of ritualistic practices performed to attain the pleasure or blessings of a deity. Religion is only a small section of a person’s Deen. Often a person may be following a religion based on different paradigm or philosophy than his or her proclaimed Deen. For example a person may live by Western Deen but follow Christian, Jewish or Islamic religious practices.


The rules and regulations to be followed while practising Deen.

Objectives of Deen

Objectives of Deen are those objectives which Allaah wants us to strive for by practising Islam. The individual objective that each Muslim must strive for is to excel as a person in his or her morals, ethics, conduct, dealings, habits and behaviour so that it is as close to the model of excellence of the Prophet as humanly possible (the personal excellence objective). This objective is strived for throughout one’s life through a process of continuous improvement called Tazkiyatun-Nafs. Collectively as a community, Muslims must strive for establishing the Islamic system of justice, peace and excellence for the benefit of all humanity (the societal excellence objective).

Iqaamah of Deen

Establishing the Deen of Allaah in such a complete way that objectives of Deen (both the individual excellence objective and the societal excellence objective) are achieved is called Iqaamah of Deen.


Spending one’s physical and mental resources (such as time, abilities, energies and wealth) in striving to achieve the objectives of Deen exclusively for the pleasure of Allaah. It includes any and all sort of activities a human being performs in this world. Those activities are Jihaad activities when undertaken solely for the pleasure of Allaah for the attainment of the objectives of Deen.


Fighting in the way of Allaah when it is fought in an organized, disciplined manner by a legitimate Islamic state for the purposes of attaining the objectives of Deen. It is undertaken as a last resort only when there is no way out. When undertaken properly, it is one form of Jihaad.


Obligatory worship of Allaah performed at five prescribed times a day in the manner practised and demonstrated by the Messenger of Allaah, Muhammad sall-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

Iqaamah of Salaah

Performing daily salaah timely, regularly and properly in congregation under the leadership of an elected, dynamic, visionary, knowledgeable and practising leader, called Imaam.


A prayer or supplication to Allaah.


Regular and consistent practices of the Prophet in the matters of Deen.
This definition excludes some norms of the society he followed as a human being like any other human being living in Arabia at that time such as his appearance, style of his dress, kind of his food and staple, etc.
This definition is for the purpose of understanding Deen, and should not be confused with Fiqh definition of Sunnah in terms of emphasized (muakkadah) and non-emphasized (Ghair-muakkadah), etc.

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