Devastation in Haiti

Haiti has been devastated by an earthquake.

Whenever there is a disaster and we see people suffer, many troubling questions come to mind. Those who do not believe in God challenge the existence of God on that basis and ask the question: If there were a God, would He cause all such suffering to His creation? Those who believe in God wonder: Why does the loving / merciful God make people suffer through such tragedies and devastations? Different people have different answers to this question. Many people think that these devastations are punishments from God / Allaah. Then the question arises, why are they punished? Why are poor people disproportionately affected by these devastations? Why are the rich and powerful culprits not punished? And the list of questions goes on. For answers to such questions from the proper Islamic perspective, please read my article “Natural Disasters and the Questions They Raise” which I wrote when disaster hit the Kashmir valley in Pakistan. It can be found here. A brief Urdu article that I wrote for Haiti is available here.

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