Whoever you are, Stop this Nonsense

Another attempted bombing. Another arrest. Is this madness going to stop? Is there an end to this craziness in sight?

Who are these people? They cannot be sincere Muslims.

What is driving them? It cannot be Islam, by any stretch of the imagination.

Even if they succeed in their bombing plots, what are they going to gain? Hell in the Hereafter for killing innocent people! Guilt in this world for unjustly bringing a bad name to Islam and Muslims! Internal torture from their conscience (if they have any) for causing pain to humanity! Curses from the poor victims of their stupidity!

Whose interest are they serving? Obviously, not Islam’s nor Muslims’.

Who is behind them? Is it actually just really stupid Muslims? Or is it non-Muslims pulling the strings to make Muslims look bad?

Does it even matter?

Whoever is truly behind it, whatever their motives are, it does not matter. After all, it is the fault of those who play it out! How can these people be so stupid?

I am more than fed up. Shut off the TV! Throw away the Newspaper! I cannot take it.

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