Thinking Out of the Box - Vancouver Olympics

People continue doing many things just because they have always been done them in the past, without ever stopping to think if:
  • They are still relevant to the needs and realities of today;
  • They serve any useful purpose;
  • They add any value or are sheer wastage of time, energy and resources.
They are conditioned to do those things in a traditional way and they continue without realizing how senseless what they are doing is. Their absurdity becomes obvious only when someone thinks outside the box. Thinking outside the box is what has brought progress and advancement to the society.

Successful business enterprises gain efficiencies and increase their wealth by reviewing their processes and procedures every now and then to eliminate wasteful activities that are not adding value towards the business objectives. But unfortunately, when it comes to social and political arena, no one dares to challenge the "traditions" regardless of how ridiculous and wasteful they are. Because of their "sentimental" value, they become the sacred cows of the society.

One such sacred cow is the Olympic flame which is ignited in Olympia, Greece, and carried all over the world through torch relays to the Olympic stadium where it is maintained 24/7 for the duration of the games. Pains are taken, backups maintained and multiple version of the original flame preserved in order to ensure that the flame in the stadium cauldron can trace a common lineage back to the Olympia lighting ceremony – all because of some pagan Greek superstition. Consider all the money, time and resources that are spent and damage to the environment and ecology done.

I thought we were living in a rational world in a scientific era.


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