This Is Not Democracy

Democracy means:  rule by the people, which implies rule by the plural majority. Unfortunately, the current election process of Canada defeats this basic rule of democracy. It results in the rule of the country by a tiny minority of the Canadian population. Take the current conservative government for example: this government represents only 16% of the Canadian population.

Here is how: Only 58.8% of the eligible voters cast their vote in the 2008 election, which represented only 46% of the Canadian population. Out of the total voters, only 37.7% voted for the conservative candidates, which comes to only 16% of the populace of the country. Even if we calculate their percentage of vote using the eligible voters instead of the total Canadian population, it still comes only to 22%.

Thus, the country is being ruled according to the wishes of merely 16% of the population whose preference has been thrust onto the rest of the 84% of the population. Is this democracy?

The new British coalition government has realized this injustice and plans to reform the system; should some prudent politician in Canada not make this reform as part of their platform? I hope someone does!
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