Liberal Party Continues to Alienate Muslim Voters

There was a time when Canadian Muslims used to vote for the Liberals with no questions asked. Not anymore! As they see themselves being constantly short-changed in terms of their basic rights and being unjustly vilified in the society, they also realize that the Liberal party has not done enough to stand up for their rights and justice. Although the Liberals have spoken against the mistreatment of Muslim citizens at the hands of the Harper government, on most other issues Muslims feel betrayed by Ignatieff Liberals. Some of the sore points, for example, are:
  • On the Israel/Palestine conflict, it seems there has been a competition going on between Harper and Ignatieff to prove who is friendlier to Zionists, which is a competition that Ignatieff cannot even win because Harper has gone to such an extreme that no one in the world can catch up to him. Thus Ignatieff is losing this competition, while also alienating all those who consider his stance unbalanced, unjust and unreasonable. Recently, by not condemning Israel’s terrorist attack on peace activists who were taking much needed humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of a besieged people and its massacre of unarmed defendant of their assault, he has lost an opportunity to show that he can be just and reasonable on this issue.
  • A statement was attributed to Ignatieff in the press claiming that he considered Quebec Bill C94 to be a reasonable accommodation, which he denies. But he has not made a public correction or clarification.
  • Now Bob Rae has come back from Afghanistan and wants to extend the armed mission beyond 2011. Is the loss of lives of Canadians and Afghans thus far not enough to his satisfaction?

If the Liberal party continues this way, I can see many long time Liberal voters looking for an alternative. I already feel the vibes growing.

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0 #1 2010-06-12 18:56
I agree with you Br Ayub.

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