Why Osama Was Not Found - The New Revelation

You thought that Iraq was invaded because Saddam had weapons of mass destruction which he was going to unleash on the whole Middle East. It turned out that it was a massive lie and deception. Millions of Iraqis were killed and their country devastated so that a few American and British companies could continue to prosper using Iraq’s oil wealth.

You thought that Afghanistan was invaded, killing hundreds of thousands of Afghanis, devastating their country and imposing misery over Afghan children and women, because Taliban did not handover Osama bin Laden. The amazing thing is that with all their advanced, sophisticated technology and their occupation of every inch of the country, they could not find Osama. They blamed Pakistan for their failure and devastated Pakistan in the process as well.

It turns out that Americans were not looking for Osama. They were looking for mineral resources of Afghanistan and the adjacent areas of Pakistan, the worth of which, according to the New York Times report, is estimated to be at least a trillion dollars.

The miracle of the Machiavellian propaganda machine is that the simple-minded masses of the world honestly believe in their lies. The criminals who happen to be Christian Fundamentalists earn a good name in the court of public opinion, and the victims of their crimes which happen to be Muslims are faulted for everything going wrong in the world. And in all this craziness, Islam – the religion of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad – is unnecessarily, unduly and shamelessly abused and vilified.

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