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Islam: Does It Make Sense?
Islam: Does It Make Sense?
A rational approach to choosing faith.
Islam: Adopting Its Paradigms
Islam: Adopting Its Paradigms
Living Islam with an effective, proper outlook.
Exploring Islamic Beliefs
Exploring the Islamic Beliefs
An in-depth study of the Islamic faith.
A Book Unlike Any Other
A Book Unlike Any Other
Understanding the guidance of the miraculous Qur-aan.
Finding Your Soulmate
Finding A Soulmate
A guide for both Muslim parents and youth.
Unveiling the Commands
Unveiling the Commands
The truth about Hijaab, Jilbaab, and Khimaar.
Deen Main Kaamyabee Kaa Tareeqah
Deen Main Kaamyabi Kaa Tareeqah
The way to achieving success in Deen.

Exploring the Islamic Beliefs

Exploring the Islamic Beliefs

Have you ever wondered:

  • Who is Allaah and why do Muslims believe in Him?
  • What are His attributes?
  • What does Islam say about angels and Satan?
  • How do the Muslims view the Torah and the Bible?
  • What is the Qur-aan? What do Muslims claim about the Qur-aan and on what basis?
  • Is it possible that the Qur-aan is the Word of God?
  • How is the Islamic concept about prophets different from the Biblical concept?
  • What do Muslims say about Jesus? On what basis?
  • Who was Muhammad? Why is he so revered?
  • Did the old Scriptures have anything to say about Muhammad?
  • Do Muslims believe in predestination?

Exploring the Islamic Beliefs answers such questions and provides insight into the belief system of a billion-plus Muslims of the world who live in every country, are found in all ethnic communities and speak all languages.

It is claimed that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. An interesting aspect of inter-religion conversion is that the conversion away from Islam is mostly undertaken by uneducated, ignorant Muslims; while conversion to Islam is understaken by the well-educated intellgentsia of other religions. What is it in Islam that is attracting educated, professional and intelligent people to it?

This book provides you an opportunity to discover the Islamic faith for yourself and form your own opinion about it.

312 pages; Order today for $20.00 CAD (plus $3.00 shipping)

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