What a great small web site but very big in meaning and so much to learn. Thank you very much for all what you do. specially the juma kotbah in the art centre . jazakom allak keran and may allah reward you with the best for you and your family, her and in the day after, Take care and keep the good work.

Posted By: Adnan S
Date: 23 June 2010

Your writing "Ayk intahaai makrooh aor ghinownaa marz" co-insides with our Tazkeer of Surah AL-Hujraat ayats 11-12 on last Suturday. Nicely written, Jazakallah khairan

Posted By: Ghulam Mustafa
Date: 21 June 2010

AoA Br. Ayub Hamid Sahib, Jazalallah wa Khairan The Article On "GHIBAT" was MasahAllah, a comprehansive one and had addressed almost all aspects on the subjects. May Allah SWT give us taufiq and Hidaya to avoid from this "Intahaai makrooh aor ghinownaa marz"

Posted By: Anwar Sowdagar
Date: 21 June 2010

I have read your current article re: the importance of today and not waiting for the good times to enjoy or do the good deeds for Allah and for human beings. Excellent way of presentation of idea. I liked it very much the personal touch you have provided in narrating your experience (exam scenerio) at the higher secondary stage of education. Very well done! I appreciate the reminder of things to be done now and not to wait for another opportunity (that may never be there).

Posted By: Khalid Khokhar
Date: 13 June 2010

Your article is right on the target. It is an excellent article, masha'Allah. May Allah bless you for your efforts. Ameen.

Posted By: Ijaz Arif
Date: 30 April 2010

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