Why are our Du‘aas not effective?

QWhy are our Du‘aas not effective?

AThere are two parts in almost every situation: the part that is in one’s control and the part that is beyond one’s control. Achievement of a goal or objective depends that both of the aspects of the situation work in coordination for the achievement of the said goal or objective. For the part that is in one’s control must be handled with prudent behaviour, right choices, and wise decisions and the best possible human efforts. The part that is not in one’s control must be left to Allaah through sincere humble Du‘aa and trust in Allaah. Without Allaah’s help, one’s hard work may not produce the desired outcome. Without human efforts, Allaah SWT does not listen to the Du‘aa or does not accept the trust.

A person who wants to graduate from the university has to enrol in a university, pay appropriate dues, attend regularly, pay attention to the lessons in class, study at home, complete assignments, prepare for the exam and write the exam. Without all these human efforts, merely Du‘aa is not going to get a university degree. However, during this process, many things may go wrong that are beyond the control of a person; hence despite the efforts the person may not able to graduate from the university.

Although you filed your application in time fulfilling all the requirements, some accident in the admission office happened and your application disappeared without any trace. You sent the cheque by mail, but it got lost on its way, so your fee did not make it in time until admissions were closed. Unknown to you, the person sitting next to you had a contagious disease which you contacted and could not attend the classes. The list can go on and on. Many things may happen that are beyond your control, If you do properly what you should be doing, and make Du‘aa to Allaah SWT for putting good results in your efforts and then have full trust and faith in Allaah that He is going to take care of you, Allaah accepts your Du‘aa and ensures that nothing goes wrong in those matters that are beyond your control.

Thus hard work, Du‘aa and trust in Allaah all work together to determine one’s fate. You sure can change your fate by using all the three tools together. However, one without the others would not do it.

For further information, please see Some Points to Remember About Acceptance of Du'aahs.

November 5, 2002

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