Inquiring About the Worship of Allaah

QI was born a Muslim, and believe in Allaah, but I do not think I know enough to continue praying and fasting. I want to stop practicing Islam until I have researched this more. What do you think?

AWe know that we are created by a Wise and Powerful Creator Who is Infinite in every respect and in all of His attributes – free from any limits, divisions, partitions or restrictions.

Dues to our finite faculties and imperfect knowledge, we cannot know anything about Him other than what He tells us about Himself; and we cannot understand or comprehend His infinite qualities. However, we know that being Infinite, He cannot have finite attributes: He cannot be born; He cannot have children or a child; He cannot die; He cannot consume food; He cannot be limited to any time or place; He cannot sleep; He cannot be more than one; He cannot be divided into parts; and He cannot have a shape or form that we can understand. In short, He cannot have any finite characteristics.

We have no guarantee for life. Any one of us can die at any time. Considering that, the safest route for us to follow is to obey, serve, and worship Him as we know NOW. It is too dangerous to wait until we have done all the research because we may die in a state that He is unhappy with us.

It is better to be safe than sorry.

Islam is the safest way to live because there is strong evidence that Prophet Muhammad SAWS was the Messenger of Allaah and that the Qur-aan is the living miracle of Allaah. If we find stronger evidence against it, we can always change our mind. But for now, it is the safest thing to do.

Worshipping Allaah in the Islamic way is the safest way because it is the purest way. Even if we find out that we should have been worshipping someone else with Allaah, at least Allaah will be happy and that we did not forget Him. On the other hand, if we worship someone else with Allaah and that person should not have been worshipped, Allaah will be very angry. So it is safe to worship Allaah only.

While sincerely and wholeheartedly worshipping Allaah as we know, there is no harm in continuing to search for the answers to the questions that come in front of us. We can continue doing research, reading and seeking truth, but in the meantime sincerely, willingly and wholeheartedly worshipping Allaah. When something else becomes clear, we can always change our mind. But is will be extremely dangerous to discontinue worshipping Allaah, while doing our study and research.

Hence we must keep praying five fard salaah with sincere devotions and pray Soorah Faatihah with true spirit. Allaah SWT will definitely guide us to the truth that will give us peace of mind.

September 9, 2004
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