Wheelchairs Inside Masjids

QAA..isn't it dirty to allow wheelchair wheels to ride anywhere they want in a masjid carpet..after all they are out in the streets/washrooms etc...yet they enter on a masjid's rugs with no restrictions?

ABefore the person on the wheelchair enters the prayer hall, someone should wipe the wheels of the chair clean of any visible moisture, dirt, etc. Once the wheels are visibly dry and clean, there should be no concern about the wheelchair entering into the prayer hall.

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0 #1 2010-04-20 23:10
Interesting that this question came up. I was just at a fundraising dinner for an organization that works with Muslim families of children with disabilities. In one of the speeches a sister recalled an incident where an individual in a wheelchair was turned away from the masjid because of concern that their wheels were dirty...they were turned away even after the wheelchair's wheels were cleaned/wiped down. The point that the sister was making was that the wheels of that individual's chair are like their feet and we need to make our community more accessible to people with disabilities.

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