Why are you writing Tafseer when other Tafseers are available?

QMany people ask: Why am I writing a Tafseer in English when there are other Tafseers available? The following is an example:

Assalam O Alakum

I have one question about Tafseer e Quran..why do you feel that there is a need for another Tafseer when we already have Tafseer written by great Scholars of the past and not to go too far Molana Abul Ala Moudoodi...

Saiyed Sultan Jaffery

AMy answer:


  1. Doubtlessly, the message and the teachings of the Qur-aan are eternal, unchangeable and fully applicable until the Last Day.
  2. Tafseer is a tool to help people understand those eternal, unchangeable teachings. However, it is a human effort and human efforts can neither be perfect nor everlasting.
  3. That is why there have been new Tafseers written while the old were still in use and available. Every new work contributed to the human understanding of the message and teachings of the Qur-aan in its own way, as long as the work abided by the rules of Tafseer and did not invent new meanings according to the writers own views and desires.
  4. When Syed Maudoodi wrote his Tafseer there were already Urdu books of Tafseer available, but his Tafseer made a momentous contribution to promote the message and teachings of the Qur-aan. Although his Tafseer was prevalent, Syed Qutb’s Tafseer was also translated into Urdu. Many other scholars still continued writing their books of Tafseer.
  5. The most notable one was the Tafseer of Amin Ahsan Islahi. His Tafseer brought out some very beautiful aspects of the teachings of the Qur-aan that were not highlighted either by Syed Maudoodi or any other contemporary scholar.
  6. Coming to the English language, English translations of Tafseers of scholars such as Ibne Katheer, Syed Qutb and Syed Maudoodi are already available.

Your question is why would I write one myself when there are existing books of Tafseer available.

My answer is: For the same reason that prompted those scholars to write theirs. Although my attempt is meagre and humble as compared to those giants among scholars, my reason is the same.

Dear brother, I am making a humble attempt to present the eternal, unchangeable message of the Qur-aan in the contemporary language and style using examples which the readers of the 21st century can relate to and appreciate. Please use my Tafseer and translation in your study of the Qur-aan, along with others available in English. If you find my work useful in contributing to your understanding of the message and teachings of the Qur-aan, please pray to Allaah that He accepts my effort and showers His mercy on me. If you do not find it useful, still pray to Allaah that He forgives me for attempting to do something that did not turn out to be useful and that He is merciful to me for my sincere intention.

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