Parents and Alcohol

QIf a Muslim lady has a father that drinks alcohol. She would like to be with her parents to take care of them at their old age but it bothers her that their home has alcohol. In your opinion what should she do? She is a career lady and can afford a place on her own. But like I said she would like to have the strength to take care of her old parents and pray that her father would be a practicing Muslim.

A The Muslim lady, if she is strong and can exert influence, should stay with parents both to serve them and to save them from breaking the laws of Allaah. With hikmah, proper education, admonition, insistence, tenacity, and resolve, she must help them abstain from disobeying Allaah SWT. However, if it is impossible to stop them, then she should inform them clearly that she is anxious to serve them but cannot enter home because of the alcohol in the house. Tell them that she will be happy to come home if the vice is gone. Until alcohol is in the home, she cannot enter the home. Only one thing can be in the home at one time, either she or alcohol. She should do it in a respectful but firm manner.

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