Am I Being Punished For My Sins?

Qssalam...i am really impressed by ure islamcgroup and the sol they give to probs plus my knowldge is enhanced by so many things i didnt knew and also motivatate me to be closer to Him(ALMIGHTY ALLAH).

there were times when i was really depressed and even while praying to Him i was not very enthusiastic though i know its wrong but i donno when i raised my hands to pray i am totally blank i just couldnt speak bout my miseries and what i want.

its just that i used to feel that this is the bad phase or God is pounishing me 4 my sins (which we human beings commit alot) or i donno but somehw these2-3 yrs were very bad 4 me and i just cant decide as to what to do i stoped being happy and stopped laughing or smiling but just wanted to be all alone in a quiet place. ok Allaah hafiz

ABismillaahi walĥamdulillaahi waŝŝalaatu wassalaamu ‘alaa rasoolillaahi. Let me start with some good news for you. Allaah SWT is very very kind and merciful. He wants to see us happy and smiling. That is why He is generous in giving us rewards for even a little bit of good work we do. For example, you will be rewarded for starting your letter with kind words about our Islamic reflections group. Even greeting another person with a sincere smile brings rewards from Allaah SWT. He loves those people who help each other to resolve the problems of other people. Indeed the Mercy of Allaah is boundless.

Another example of His kindness is that He does not punish people for their sins in this world. He gives chance to people to repent and seek His forgiveness, so that people can avoid punishment. As you know that no human being is perfect. People make mistakes. The successful people are those who immediately repent and come back to the obedience of Allaah SWT. Whenever they slip and make a mistake, they realize their mistake, seek Allaah’s forgiveness and repent sincerely not to repeat that kind of behaviour. Allaah SWT kindly and graciously forgives those who sincerely seek His forgiveness.

The important point we must understand about the difficulties we face in this world is that they are part of the test for which we have been sent in this world. In fact, all good and bad circumstances we face in this world are tests. It is not reward or punishment. Reward or punishment will be given in the Hereafter. So we should never think that if any of us is going through some personal difficulties, it is because Allaah is punishing that person. We should understand that difficult times are tests. If we keep our attitude positive during difficult times, remain steadfast in our love of and obedience to Allaah and patiently try our best to improve our circumstances, these difficulties become very rewarding for our life Hereafter and we come out of them winners. Allaah SWT kindly and graciously not only gives us rewards for our patience and positive attitude, but also forgives our sins for the difficulties we endure. On the other hand, if we feel bad about the difficult times, complain and give up making efforts to get out of those difficulties, we lose the chance to earn the rewards and also bad times become worse because of our attitude. So whether we win or lose all depends on how we handle the bad situations we face.

However, what we need to remember is that every sin has its own bad impact on human behaviour and attitude. Whenever we make a mistake or commit a sin, it darkens our heart, clouds our thinking and judgment, makes us more prone to fall to the temptations of Shaytaan and creates its own impact on our psyche by making us sad and depressed. The good thing is that as soon as we sincerely seek Allaah’s forgiveness, all these negative impacts of sin are also cleansed and removed from our personality.

Hence, we must understand that:
Bad times are not punishments, but tests. We can come out of tests as winners with positive attitude, being steadfast in obedience to and love for Allaah and hard work.

If we make a mistake as soon as we realize our mistake we should immediately seek Allaah’s forgiveness and make a sincere intention of not repeating it again.

So here is what to do:
When you feel like being alone, use that opportunity to talk to Allaah SWT as I had mentioned in my previous response to another person;

If your mind goes blank, just keep asking Allaah’s forgiveness until your mind opens up again or until you feel the peace of Allaah’s forgiveness in your heart;

If you know how you want Allaah to help you, mention it humbly. Otherwise just leave all the matters to Allaah and request Him to take care of all matters for you as is best for you in His knowledge. After putting matters, in His hand, you must trust Him. If you keep doubts, then Allaah SWT may not respond because He does not like to act on the request of those who keep doubts about Him. For that reason, Shaytaan will bring doubts to your mind again and again, but every time doubt comes to your mind, you pray to Allaah again, even in your heart, and renew your trust in Him.

Please let me know if it made sense and if this information was helpful.
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