The Reality of Hajj

A person, who had just came back from Hajj, came to visit Junaid Baghdaadi Raĥmatullaahi ‘Alayhi. After Junaid asked him from where was he coming, here is the dialogue that occurred between them.

Haajji: I have just come back from Hajj of Baytullaah.

Junaid: Have you been to Hajj?

Haajji: Yes, I have just performed it.

Junaid: When you proceeded from your home with the intention of Hajj, did you repent from all your sins?

Haajji: I did not think about it.

Junaid: In that case, you did not even depart for Hajj. What about your journey, rest-breaks and stopovers? When covering distances, did you move mentally and spiritually closer to Allaah SWT and at stopovers did you feel dwelling in His remembrance?

Haajji: It did not occur to me.

Junaid: You have not, then, really traveled to Baytullaah. How about putting on the Ihraam and replacing your usual clothes? When doing that act, did you abandon your undesirable habits and attitudes that had been part of your daily routines?

Haajji: It did not cross my mind.

Junaid: Alas! You did not even put on Ihraam. But did you experience the presence of Allaah while you were standing in Arafaat?

Haajji: What do you mean?

Junaid: When you were praying to Allaah in Arafaat, did you feel as if He was right in front of you and you are watching Him?

Haajji: No, that was not how I felt.

Junaid: That means you did not even reach Arafaat. I hope you left your worldly desires and aspirations in Muzdalfah.

Haajji: I did not think about it.

Junaid: So, you have not even been to Muzdalfah. How was your Tawaaf (circumabulation)? Did you feel overwhelmed by an ardent attraction towards the perfect Majesty of Allaah SWT during Tawaaf?

Haajji: I do not think so.

Junaid: It is, then, as if you have not even performed Tawaaf. Perhaps you understood the spirit, wisdom and objective of running between Mounts Safaa and Marwah.

Haajji: Not really.

Junaid: In other words, you have not performed Saey (running between Safaa and Marwah). Tell me about your sacrificial rites. While slaughtering the animal, did you sacrifice for the love of Allaah SWT your own lusts and desires?

Haajji: That did not come to my mind.

Junaid: In that case, you have not even offered sacrificed. What about throwing stones at the pillars? When performing that ritual, did you cast away your bad company, evil friends and dirty plans?

Haajji: This did not happen either.

Junaid: Unfortunately, you have not performed Ramy (stoning rites) either. You must go back next year and re-perform the Hajj with above-mentioned sentiments, spirit and attitude so that it can be a simulation of Ibraaheem’s experiences, about whom the Holy Qur-aan says, “And Ibraaheem who was truly loyal to Allaah.”

When Hajj is performed with the sentiments, spirit and attitude recommended by Junaid, it is only then that Allaah SWT forgives so completely as to render a person innocent like a newborn child.

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