What Are We Celebrating on Eed Day?

Eed (Eid, Festival) is a happy occasion and a day of celebrating the accomplishments that we have achieved during the blessed month of Ramadhaan. May Allaah accept all your sincere efforts towards the goals that you had set for yourself this Ramadhaan. And may He accept your charity, your fasting, your Salaah and your special nightly Qiyaam as well as your Qur-aanic study and reflection.

While celebrating this happy occasion, let us also reflect a little bit on it.

When Muslims celebrated their first Eed in the second year after Hijrah, they were going through extremely difficult circumstances but they had a lot to celebrate:
  • The Prophet had successfully migrated to Madeenah under Allaah’s protection and was fervently welcomed in his new home-town;
  • The Islamic state of Madeenah was established as a federation where rights of members were defined in the first ever written constitutional document. The Muslims not only had the freedom to perform religious rituals, they also had the full authority to develop and establish a society the way Allaah wanted;
  • The Muslims, with Allaah’s help, had victoriously repelled a powerful Makkan attack which was designed to destroy the nascent Islamic state and to exterminate Muslims altogether;
  • They were rapidly attaining excellence in spiritual, moral and behavioural areas.

When the Muslims celebrated their 9th Eed:
  • They had conquered Makkah;
  • The Islamic state was expanding fast and people were flocking to Islam;
  • For the first time in history, the Arabian Peninsula was blessed with law and order as well as peace, freedom, equality, justice and security;
  • Above all, the excellence of Muslim society in terms of morality, order, organization and piety had become proverbial.

At every Eed, the Muslims had many new achievements to celebrate.

What are we celebrating this Eed?

As individual Muslims, some of the things which could make our Eed worth celebrating might be:
  • Islamic change in attitude, increase in Taqwa, riddance from a bad habit, adoption of a new Islamic activity, purification of thoughts, ideas and soul, achievement of excellence in social and business dealings, morals and ethics, etc.
  • Meaningful contribution to Islamic work, Islamic propagation, promotion of proper Islamic understanding, etc.
  • Catching Muslims doing good, not doing wrong.
  • Loving and hating for Allaah (on the basis and reason of Islam only) not on parochial, ethnic or linguistic basis;
  • Active and regular involvement and participation in the Islamic activities of local community.

As an Ummah, we can celebrate whenever we have achieved any of the following:
  • Improvement in our organization (regimentation and discipline), orderly behaviour and socio-political structures and practices;
  • Unity attained on a neighbourhood, city and region level (how can we dream of unity or complain about disunity of Muslims internationally when we cannot work together in our neighbourhood);
  • Imaams/leaders being elected from local talent pools not appointed or imported;
  • Leadership of local communities enjoying the faith and trust of the community;
  • Muslim affairs run openly, democratically and with full participation and consultation of the community;
  • Masjids built only on the basis of a strategic regional plan, not because of dissension and divisions of the community or competition with another group;
  • Social service institutions (comprehensive counseling facilities, abuse shelters, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, soup kitchens, shelters for homeless, etc.) established and operating professionally;
  • Targets of Islamic propagation set and achieved;
  • Muslim lands liberated;
  • Excellence of the Muslim community attained and recognized in a non-Muslims majority society;
  • Islamic movement succeeded in a Muslim country.

So do we have anything to celebrate this Eed?

What are your plans for the next Eed? We will definitely have things to celebrate if we start acting for it right now!

Originally written for Eed-ul-Fiŧr 1999.


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