Why I Believe

I was born in a devoutly religious family. In childhood I enjoyed participating in the rituals of religion that we practised as a family, but at 15, I stopped. When the family would engage in any religious activity, I would disappear or find some excuse to avoid it. In fact, I questioned my faith altogether and doubted if God even existed. Rather, I was sure that He didn’t.

This state of mind lasted for a few years. Then after reading different authors about different philosophies of life, I began to think logically and rationally and draw my own conclusions. That lead me to be what I am today.

When I look at the universe around us, I see that it is sustained mainly by two things: the balance and equilibrium among its constituent parts; and the constancy among the physical laws that govern the behaviour of all its parts. This is as true for the tiniest particle as it is for the biggest star or the farthest galaxy. In fact, our advancement in scientific knowledge and our manipulation of resources of nature would have been impossible, had there been no consistency in the behaviour of things surrounding us.

When I reflect upon the earth and its environment, I realize that before human beings began destroying its ecology, it also had a balance and harmony among its ecosystems and sustainability for the species inhabiting it. It was human greed, excesses and inequitable behaviour that wreaked havoc on this planet.

These observations lead me to the following conclusions:
  • This universe has to be a planned creation of a knowledgeable Creator because a random accident can produce chaos and disorder, but can never produce this level of order, balance, equilibrium or consistency.
  • The Creator of the universe likes order, balance, equity and moderation, which lead to peace, harmony and sustainability.
  • The creations of God that have been pre-programmed through laws of nature and their instincts, maintain their balance and moderation, while human beings use their freedom of choice to destroy it.

The question is why didn’t God just pre-program human beings as well to have peace on earth?

He could have, but then we would have been merely another animal species living according to our instincts. He bestowed us freedom as a great favour. Just as we can misuse our freedom to destroy, behaving worse than animals, we can also use our freedom to excel, adopting godly attributes such as forgiveness, compassion and magnanimity. With freedom to choose, God put us in this temporary world to test us if we destroy or if we excel.

To help and encourage people to pursue excellence, God sent prophets such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. They taught people Islam and demonstrated with their personal examples how to establish justice, peace and excellence on earth through Islam – the way of peace through submission to God.

Thus the way to establish justice, peace and excellence is through Islam taught by God through prophets.


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