Peace, Success and Excellence

Imagine the destination

On the earth:

Justice, fairness and peace everywhere. Individuals with inner peace and tranquillity. Families in harmony. Societies in peace. People pursuing excellence in conduct. A happy, caring, sharing, just, equitable, forgiving, generous and kind society all over the earth. Human equality in its perfect form. Respect and dignity for every member of humanity. Excesses curbed. Law and order maintained. Ecology in balance. Resources conserved and moderately used. Environment sustained.

That is the kind of society Allaah SWT wants people to establish. That was the responsibility that Allaah entrusted to people by giving them freedom of choice and that was the reason they were distinguished from all other creations. And that was the purpose for which human beings were bestowed with ISLAM.

In the heavens:

Exquisitely beautiful landscape. Rivers flowing with cool, sparkling pure drinks. Lush gardens at a little higher altitude with blossoming trees laden with fruit of a variety of colours, tastes and flavours, pleasing to look at, exceedingly delicious and enjoyable to taste. Delicately prepared and elegantly served delectable food at all times, whenever desired. A variety of refreshing, enjoyable drinks available in plenty. The most wonderful and enjoyable weather characterized by the most temperate and comfortable climate one can ever wish for, always and forever. The most comfortable, luxurious and beautifying dresses one can imagine. Grandly-decorated, luxuriously-furnished palaces to live in. Impeccably beautiful/handsome, pleasing mates to live with. Every desire instantly fulfilled. Every wish coming true. No diseases or aging, rather a body in its prime, eternally. Grandeur, peace, comfort and luxury everywhere, every moment and forever, in the eternal abode of peace.

This is the incentive Allaah SWT provided for those who dedicate themselves to establish the above-mentioned society on earth. This is the reward for those who voluntarily adopt the path which leads towards that destination.

Because Allaah SWT wants people to succeed and because of His limitless mercy for people, He took it upon Himself to guide people to that lovely destination. His guidance is called Islam. Islam is the only straight path that leads people to the ideal destination. As it is based on the ultimate knowledge and absolute wisdom of Allaah SWT, it is the perfect, failsafe and guaranteed way to reach the destination. But sometimes people want to find their own way. Instead of utilizing the definite solutions and tried methods, they want to experiment through trial and error.

Imagine the Path

Imagine a huge, complex maze wherein quite a few mice are running around try to find their way out (their destination). Although there is one way, and only one way out of the maze, the mice do not know what it is. They are running around trying to find it through trial and error, but because of the complexity and size, they continue to run around taking different approaches, but failing to reach the destination.

Human beings in this world with myriad lifestyles, theories, ideologies, etc. are like mice in the maze. Various non-Islamic civilizations have and are trying to establish the best society (the destination) according to their own ideas and approaches, but keep failing miserably. The maze is extremely complex and the paths are beyond count. The Creator of this maze and of the humanity passing through the maze has told us that there is only one path that takes people straight to both parts of the above-mentioned destination. Every other path ends up in deep trouble of one kind or the other. Though the path is straight, it is quite narrow. At every step of the way, other paths keep breaking out of the straight path on both sides. If not extremely careful, people may end up even inadvertently stepping on the wrong path to be lost in the puzzle, not even realizing where they are going. Hence it calls for full attention and strict adherence to the directions to remain on the path.

Because of the complexities and because of the inability of people to get out of the maze and look from above at the whole maze to find the path leading out to the destination, it is absolutely impossible for people on their own to find the path that leads to the ideal destination.

Imagine the Darkness

It is the darkest night you have ever seen. Thick, black clouds have covered the globe. Inside a windowless fort, you try to look at your hand and cannot even see it. In that pitch black darkness, people are trying to find their way out of the treacherous maze to reach the destination.

The non-believers are under many layers of darkness. Improper, inadequate or no belief in Allaah blinds them from assessing and defining their own position vis-à-vis their creator, why were they created and where would they end up. They do not even have a clear idea of their destination, much less of the way to it. Their trust in their incomplete knowledge and imperfect wisdom with which they try to solve the inexplicable maze of this world clouds their ability to see the straight path. Their love of worldly goals blocks their vision from anything beyond. Then, their prejudices, biases and closed mentality to Islam shut them completely from any ray of light.

On top of the human inability to find the path on their own, people envelope themselves with multiple layers of darkness which makes it impossible for them to find the path on their own. Sometimes, they even refuse to see the light when it is offered to them.

Imagine the Light

Clear, shining light illuminates the way. You can clearly see where you are going. You can look ahead and determine your path and direction. Details of the surroundings and markings of the path are in clear vision.

You know exactly where you came from, why were you created, what is expected of you, what your destination is and how to reach there through the straight path.

Imagine the Clear Directions

Not only the path is illuminated, detailed directions have been provided so that you can continuously check course and stay on the path until the destination is reached. Step-by-step guidance is made available, the tracks on the path are clearly identified and milestones are indicated. At every spot where there is any possibility for people sidestepping from the straight path or getting off-track, clear warning signals and instructions are provided to save them. Even if people get off track, directions are provided regarding how to get back on track.

This illumination and clear directions are provided by the Qur-aan. It takes people out of darkness into the light and out of the maze on the straight path of Islam. It guides them every step of the way to stay on course and enables them to reach their destinations both on the earth and in the heavens. It shows them how to reach the fullest human potential so that humanity progresses to a happy, fair, peaceful and loving society. All you need is willingness to benefit from it and desire to please Allaah SWT through the hard work it demands.

As Allaah SWT tells us:
…Verily (the Qur-aan,) a shining light and a clearly-guiding book has come to you from Allaah. Through it (the Qur-aan) Allaah guides those who seek His pleasure to the ways of peace, and bring them out of darkness into light, as per his plan, and guides them to the straight path. Al-Maaidah 5:15-16

Are you willing to reach the destination through the straight path of Islam in the light of and under the clear directions from the Qur-aan?

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