Injustice & Loyalties

Allaah SWT is Just, deals with people justly, and loves those who establish, maintain or stand up for Justice. He has created human beings also with a propensity and liking for justice.

Normally people like to be fair and equitable unless their innate tendency towards justice is overshadowed by their own self interest, their love of their own, their loyalties, their biases, their prejudices, their arrogance of power, their anger or hate towards some people, their desire for revenge, etc.

When an individual, a community or a state is overtaken by self interest, favouritism for their own and anger, revenge or hate against others, justice is the first victim. When that happens, the party on the receiving side of injustice, reacts with similar attitude, perhaps even more strongly. Each party’s effort to get back more forcefully grows into a spiraling cycle of violence and terrorism. This ends up making the peace and security of humanity the ultimate victim of injustice. That is why there can be no peace in this world without justice.

The goal of Islam being the establishment of an ideal peaceful and fair society, justice has been extremely emphasized in the Holy Qur-aan. Knowing how people drift towards injustice, it advises Muslims to let justice triumph over all other emotions, feelings and attitudes. Muslims are told:
O believers, be the enforcers/establishers of justice, giving witness for the sake of Allaah, even if it is against yourselves, your parents or your kith and kin. Whether they are rich or poor, Allaah has more rights than any on them. Do not let pursuing your desires come in the way of being just. An-Nisaa 4:135
O believers, be the enforcers/establishers of justice, giving witness for the sake of Allaah, and do not let your animosity towards any people incite you against practicing justice. Be just! That is the pious way. Al-Maaidah 5:8

Keeping this commandment of Allaah in mind makes it easy for Muslims to discern how they should react to or behave in the current circumstances of the world. Many people are torn between their loyalties to their country of residence and their belonging to the Muslim Ummah. Some are confused how to react. These verses clarify the matter. Muslims must speak up and stand up for justice regardless of where they live, who is the victim and who is the perpetrator.

Accordingly, for the September 11th tragedy, we must speak up against the perpetrators of that crime against humanity, which Muslims all over the world have done unequivocally. The person(s) responsible for that crime, whoever it is or they are, must be brought to justice according to international laws in the international court, independent of the U.S.A. For the injustice, devastation and destruction being inflicted upon poor, helpless Afghanis by the U.S.A., we must also speak up against this insane American terrorism.

As well, Muslims must not allow the Israelis to use this opportunity to annihilate Palestinians, Indians to oppress Kashmiris, or Russians to devastate Chechnya.

We must speak out against injustice regardless of what it is called and regardless of who practices it. That is what our Islamic obligation is in this world.

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