Social Responsibility

In Islam, taking care of the poor and needy and alleviating suffering of people is both an individual responsibility of everyone who has means, however, meagre they may be as well as the prime responsibility of the government. This social responsibility is the top most responsibility for individuals and society.

I do not know how much you know about Islam. There are two sources of Islamic teachings: The prime source is the Qur-aan (also written as Quran or Koran) which is literally the Word of God, Allaah, the exalted and glorified. The second source is the words or teachings of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, peace be upon him.

The following are a few examples from each of the two sources:

The Qur-aan emphasizes that helping poor is not doing them a favour, but it is doing one’s duty and fulfilling their right.
In the following verses from different places from the Qur-aan, among the qualities of the true believers (Muslims) are:

  • They prefer others over themselves even if they themselves are in need.
  • In their wealth is the right of needy and deprived.
  • Who gives his favourite possessions for the love of Allaah to those close to him, to orphans, to the poor and to the visitors.
  • They feed the poor, the orphans and the prisoners for the love of Allaah.
It also commands Muslims to:
  • Give the close ones, the poor and the visitor their right.

Prophet’s sayings:
  • Enter the Garden (heaven) with ease by wishing peace for people and feeding the poor.
  • The creations of Allaah are His family. Allaah likes him most who takes the best care of His family.
  • A person who runs around to help a woman who has no one to support her or to help any other poor person is like someone who has dedicated his whole life solely to the worship of Allaah.
  • On the Day of Judgment, Allaah SWT will ask a person, “O son of Adam, I asked you for food but you did not feed me.” He will reply, “O Lord, how could I have fed you, when you are the Lord of the universe?” Allaah will say, “Do you not know that one of my servants asked you for food, but you did not feed him? Had you fed him, you would have found that food with me.” Then Allaah will ask, “O son of Adam, I asked you for water, but you did not provide me with drink?” He will reply, “O Lord, how could I have provided you with drink, when you are the Lord of the universe?” Allaah will say, “One of my servants did ask you for water, but you did not provide it to him? Had you done so, you would have found that water here with me.”


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