Domestic Violence and Muslims

Does any domestic violence occur in Muslim homes?

Absolutely. Although it is incomprehensible and unimaginable that a Muslim would be abusive, it does happen. Many of us tend to think that abuse is a phenomenon relevant only to non-Muslims where self-centred, drug addicts, drunk or vicious people abuse their wives and children, especially when intoxicated, stressed out by their gambling losses or strapped for money to buy alcohol or drugs. Or perhaps it happens only when an innocent child disturbs the lifestyle of the people addicted to self-gratification or the care of the child hinders the parents’ lustful lifestyle and their concept of fun in life. We tend to think that we Muslims, having superior values and avoidance of substance and alcohol abuse are immune to the abusive behaviour.  Unfortunately, this is not true! As human beings, many of us have internalized the un-Islamic values from the dominant cultures around us; and it shows in our materialistic attitude or self-centred vanities and/or our focus on self-gratification.

Yes! A Muslim is the one who is best in conduct, who is caring, loving, kind-hearted, merciful, forgiving, compassionate and generous. Yes! The Holy Qur-aan has commanded us to be fair, equitable, generous and gracious and to excel in these qualities. Yes! The Messenger of Allaah has told us that the best of you are the best to their families and that those who are not kind, loving and forgiving to the youngsters and who do not show respect, leniency, tenderness and patience to the elders are not Muslims. Yes! A Muslim does not drink alcohol, does not gamble, does not take drugs and is not handicapped by any kind of addictions. Yes! A Muslim cannot be self-centred or materialistic. Yes! A Muslim is dedicated to raising a family with love and affection and to providing the best comfort and the best environment for their families. Yes! A Muslim prefers the comforts of the Hereafter and the pleasure of Allaah and for that he/she is willing to make any sacrifice. And yes! A Muslims knows that Allaah’s Pleasure is attained through making people around us feel loved, secure, comforted and at peace.

But how many of us care to practice it? How many really understand the true concept of Islam? How many of us view Islam just to be a religion of some rituals so that as long as those rituals are fulfilled, the performer is a good Muslim regardless of one’s conduct and dealings with people? It is no wonder many so-called religious people are involved in domestic abuse.

Let us wake up and promote the real Islam where the pillars of Islam make us the best people on earth in our conduct! Let us practice Islam in its true spirit!
Let us up stop domestic abuse!
It does not belong in a Muslim home!

Written for Muslims Against Domestic Violence

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