Fitnah of Dajjaal

The word “Dajjaal” means someone who is extremely deceiving and the greatest liar. It is not the name but a title of a person about whom, according to the Ahaadeeth, various prophets had warned their followers. The exact title in Islamic traditions is ‘Maseehuddajjaal’, the liar/deceiver Christ or anti-Christ as opposed to the true Christ, Eesa Alayhissalaam.

He will appear at a time that will be close to the end of the world. Physically, he is described to have only one functioning eye, curly hair and not-so-fair skin. Politically, he will be an extremely powerful man heading a global power that will influence, control and direct almost the entire world. His civilization will be based on an anti-Islamic, materialistic, non-spiritual ideology.  Any Muslim not submitting to its power or disagreeing with its philosophy will be terrorized and persecuted. The person will be able to travel at extremely fast speed, and perform wonders in the field of health, life, death, production of crops, control of rainfall, etc. He will be able to control the livelihood of people and the resources of the world. Hence, dissenters will be crushed under poverty, resourcelessness and his ruthless persecution. He will be able to demonstrate his power by cutting a person into two pieces, joining him back together and then reviving him.

His philosophy, though totally anti-Islamic and anti-faith, will be very deceiving. What he will preach to be good will in fact be very bad in the eyes of Allaah SWT. The lifestyle that he will preach as the ideal way of life will in fact be the lifestyle of disaster for humanity. The path he will describe as the right path will in reality be the path leading to the hell fire. But his presentation of ideas will be so well orchestrated, and his propaganda so effective, that the majority of the world will accept and buy into his ideas. Even the majority of the Muslims will accept and adopt his philosophies.

Even in those circumstances there will be true Muslims who will remain steadfast. Because of the purity of their faith, sincerity and their true understanding of Islam, they will be able to clearly see how wrong and anti-Islamic his ideas are. In other words, his misguidance will be so clear, it will be as if Kufr is written on his forehead. However only a minority of Muslims will have the courage to take a stand and remain steadfast on the pure Islamic path. Many will compromise with Dajjaal for the sake of their worldly considerations. However, the rule of Dajjaal, once he appears, will be short. His appearance will be followed by the re-appearance of Eesa Alayhissalaam who will come back to live his remaining life on this earth, as a follower of the Prophet Muhammad, kill the Dajjaal and establish the Islamic world order in place of the Dajjaali world order.

If we open our eyes and see around us we can see that the Dajjaali civilisation is already established. The power base of the Dajjaal is actively being installed over the Globe. Scientific advancements have already made possible the wondrous things Dajjaal will be able to do and those advancements continue at a very rapid pace. World is fast moving towards globalization and the superpower is coercing weaker nations to abide by its wishes.  In short, the Dajjaali establishment is fast strengthening its hold on the affairs of the world.

Perhaps he may appear soon in person.

We have been forewarned so that we could see the falsehood through the glitter of the Dajjaali lifestyle, instead of being blinded by it; so we could fend off propaganda of the Dajjaali establishment, instead of falling prey to it; and so we could stand by our faith when being faithful becomes tough instead of submitting to the pressure. Considering the difficulty of this task for those Muslims who value their Deen, the Messenger of Allaah taught a special duaa to seek Allaah’s refuge from the troubles, tribulations and persecution (Fitnah) of Dajjaal, his world order and the establishment that is preceding him. In additions to developing deeper understanding of the beauties of Islam and being strong in faith, let us all make sincere Duaas to Allaah SWT:

Allaahumma innee a’oodzubika min fitnati Maseehiddajjaal. (O Allaah, I seek your refuge from the Fitnah of Maseeh Dajjaal).

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