“I am Helpless” Syndrome

Many Muslims agree with what I wrote on the importance of non-cooperating with hypocrite Muslims rulers, but they think they are helpless. They think their individual action will be totally ineffective and they would suffer unnecessarily without achieving any goal. True, to make a difference, non-cooperation has to be undertaken as a popular movement which is well organized, coordinated and ably lead by some strategic thinkers who are imbued with Taqwa of Allaah SWT. Every person cannot run around and do what he/she wants. Such behaviour would result into anarchy and chaos, not a meaningful change. That is why it was emphasized that it should be conducted under the leadership of the local Islamic movement of the pertinent Muslim country.

But the point to remember is that it is individuals’ participation that makes up movements. Some people have to take courage and lead as an example to be followed. Otherwise nothing will happen. All people will keep cooperating with the hypocritical rulers for their own reasons and the anti-Islamic behaviour of the rulers will continue with your help and contribution.

In one of my lower grade books, there was a poem depicting an interesting scenario: On a very hot summer day when the earth was extremely hot and thirsty, the sky became overcast with thick clouds, but it failed to rain. Every droplet of rain restrained itself thinking what can I, one little drop, do to cool the hot earth or to quench its extreme dryness. As soon as I fall, I will perish without making any difference. After a long time of inaction and defeatist reasoning, some droplets decided to take the plunge whether it made a difference or not. In fact, one droplet challenged all others and dared them to follow him in the plunge. He took the courage, some more followed and then many more started showing the courage and followed them. It resulted in a torrential rain, cooling the weather, saturating the earth and bringing it to life.

The fact is: Only one person does make the difference and that person is “I”. Just imagine if every Muslim decides that I am not going to wait for anyone, I am going to make the difference myself! Suddenly, there will be more than one billion “I’s” working for the benefit of the Ummah. One billion drops can cause a rain that can saturate and enliven the whole world with Islamic peace and security.

Let us say that “I” take the plunge, but no one else does. Did “I” fail? Absolutely not! I am accountable to Allaah only for my actions. If I do the right thing, and no one else comes along despite my calls to them, it does not hurt me because I have fulfilled my responsibility to Allaah:
O believers, you are responsible for yourselves. If you have been guided, those who are misguided do not harm you (in terms of your success in the Hereafter). To Allaah is your return all together, then He will inform you of what you used to do. Al-Maaidah 5:105

To those who are scared of the consequences if they become proactive:

Price of inaction is always greater than the price we may have to pay for action. Through inaction or flight due to cowardice, all bulls are eaten one by one. However, even if one bull would turn around and park his horns in the lion’s belly, many other bulls would be saved.

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