The Attack and the Defence

No, I am not talking about the illegal and immoral US attack on Iraq, or about the defence of helpless Iraqis who have already been victimized for decades by the U.S. and its former protégé Saddam’s brutal atrocities. The whole world is already talking about those issues, and rightly so.

Instead, I am going to talk about the ignorant, hypocritical and bigoted attack being waged upon Islam and the Qur’aan by Judaeo-Christian fundamentalists and extremists right here in North America, and our Muslim leadership's apologetic, defensive and cowardly response. Recently, Hot Type, a TV program of our tax-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, has taken up the attack under the deceptive veil of sorting out fact from fiction.

Before you react to the adjectives I have used, let me explain all three aspects of the case -- the attack, our response to it, and the CBC's role.
  1. The entire attack scenario is wholly based on ignorance, hypocrisy and bigotry. Why is this so?

    Any person who has honestly studied Islam will understand that, Allaah, our Creator, prescribed Islam as our way of life because according to His ultimate knowledge and wisdom it was the way for individuals to attain peace within themselves and with their environment and it was the means through which global peace and justice can be established. That is the purpose for which Allaah revealed Islam and that is why He named it Islam (meaning, "peace through obedience to Allaah"). It will also be clear to an honest student of Islam that Jihad is a very comprehensive and dynamic concept, one that includes a broad range of struggle -- from striving for personal excellence in our individual lives, to working hard for whatever is needed to achieve universal peace and justice in the world.

    Because Qitaal (war) can be, in certain situations and at certain stages, one of the avenues of the struggle (Jihad), anti-Islamic bigots use this aspect to attack Islam. Had the attackers known some basic things about human nature and the methodology necessary for establishing and maintaining peace with justice on this earth, they would have appreciated the profound wisdom and variety of the methods commanded by the Qur’aan to achieve these goals. Because if love and fair words alone were sufficient to achieve everything our Creator desires for us, no country in the world would need police, penal codes, courts, jails and punishments. And if simply preaching was enough to make a difference, the Hitlers, Sharons, Netanyahus, Bushes and Rumsfelds of the world would not have committed horrific crimes against humanity, nor would they now be disregarding the global cry for peace. The fact is that maintaining law, order, peace and security is sometimes impossible without the use of proper force or power, which attackers on Islam conveniently ignore because of their bigotry against Islam. That is not all. In comparison to the objectives of peace and justice promoted by Islam, the most voluminous portion of their own religious book, the Bible, is a collection of violent, sexist, and racist writings that promote ethnic cleansing, oppression, exploitation of others and violation of the basic rights of others. Perhaps that is the reason why all the world wars, crusades, ethnic cleansings, pogroms, holocausts, inquisitions and other crimes against humanity in recent history have been fought and committed by Jews or Christians. Thus, those Christians and Jews who are attacking Islam are either ignorant of their own scriptures and their own history, or they are extremely hypocritical in attacking Islam while ignoring volumes of violent, sexist, racist, exploitive writings contained in the Bible, while forgetting their own crimes against humanity. So, regardless of how you look at it, this kind of attack on Muslims and Islam is due to any or all of: ignorance, hypocrisy and bigotry.

  2. Unfortunately, in the face of these virulent attacks, the Muslim response has been self-defeating:

    Muslim leaders are trying to outdo one another in being submissively apologetic for Islam. Instead of reflecting back to attackers the vicious history and abominable crimes that their own religious books glorify, condone and sanctify, Muslims are defensively explaining the very reasonable and absolutely perfect teachings of Islam that are needed to establish peace and justice in the world. I believe that such an apologetic stance only emboldens our attackers to pick Qur’aanic verses out of context and twist their meanings, thereby pushing Muslims to retreat defensively into the corner.

    Muslims need to stand up with courage and say:

    Yes, one aspect of Jihad is to fight in the way of Allaah, when required, to defend the Islamic movement of peace and justice, or to dislodge the forces of oppression, terror, injustice and exploitation. And yes, it is an extremely rewarding act to participate in that struggle.

    And yes, Muhammad SAAWS -- like Moses, Jesus, and all the other messengers of God -- implemented and practiced all the teachings of Islam including all aspects of jihad. If anyone thinks the Prophet Jesus did not practise what Prophet Muhammad practised, let him or her come forward to re-learn the Gospel of Jesus.

    And all you who raise objection on Islamic teachings, bring your Jewish and Christian books and explain to us why they glorify and sanctify oppression, injustice, terror, ethnic cleansing, slavery, exploitation of women, persecution of enemies, cruelty to slaves, and looting of weaker nations.

  3. To those who produced and hosted the program Hot Type on CBC, my question is: Why must I, as a Muslim, be forced to defend my faith and its scripture, the Qur’aan -- the word of God? Why is my tax money being used to target my faith as if for public trial before a biased judge? Why are not Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, etc. similarly made a subject for debates? How can it be proper and ethical to negatively debate one faith and its holy book while blindly ignoring all others? If you want to find the truth, then bring in a Rabbi, a Priest and a Muslim scholar and let us compare all their religious scriptures to determine which brings peace to the world and which promotes injustice and terror. Then the Canadian public will know what is fact and what is fiction.

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