Waiting for the Next Episode

Except for virus laden spam messages, the volume of the emails and email forwards to my Yahoo and Hotmail accounts has really gone down. This is one indication that the Muslim ‘Ummah’ is already done with the topic of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, just as it was done with the second Palestinian Intifaadhah soon after it was at its peak, and just as it was done with the destruction and occupation of Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia and everything else. Emotions have cooled; life has gone back to its ‘normal’ state as it always has been. This was expected to happen because the victory has been declared, the heat has been reduced, and the media is up to other interesting things, so why would Muslims talk about anything that is not on TV?

After all, it is TV and the media that determines our agenda and our life. Whatever they want to make as the agenda of our life and topic of our discussions and even our Khutbahs, they splash a few news stories on TV screens for a few days and presto, the ‘Ummah’ gets excited about it. Suddenly, the whole Ummah indulges in that very topic, as if nothing else out there is as relevant to us as that particular topic. Whether it is Bamyan idols, mad cow disease, fundamentalism, child labour, East Timor, cloning, weapons of mass destruction, 9/11, terrorism, SARS, or whatever, we faithfully chase the bone thrown to us by the media. They control our thoughts, concerns, priorities, interests and preoccupations. When they move to another topic, we follow obediently. We have outdone even the dogs in running after what is thrown our way. We have put even sheep to shame because even they cannot follow the herd that well. The irony is that we think that we are free. The pity is that while being excited about our enemy’s agenda, we think we are doing something very worthwhile and rewarding.

While the ‘Ummah’ has gone back to its deep slumber, which was momentarily disturbed by the sounds of MOAB (Mother of all bombs), Bunker buster bombs, cluster bombs, depleted uranium bombs, laser-guided bombs, GPS guided bombs and all kinds of missiles – do not ever dare to call them WMD because WMD is a term only for the toy bombs that Muslims may happen to own – the forces of Dajjaal are already on the path of executing their next moves. The lists of axis of evil are being re-cast and re-released, the language and verbiage to build cases for another invasion is already being used. The Muslim Countries are more than happy to comply, meet, reassure, re-submit to the Grand Poobah in an effort to avoid being the next, as if any of the submission, compliance, obedience and apology has availed anyone in the past. They are eager to roll back their ‘WMD’ programs. They think that the more they comply and the more ‘terrorists’ they catch, imprison and persecute and handover to be persecuted, the more loyal servants they will be considered and the safer they will be. That is what Saddam thought when he fought with Iran.

Soon the next bull will be eaten. The heat will be put on. Scenes will be shown on TV. We will all boil in anger and frustration. We will frantically send each other tons of emails and forward zillions of excellent articles searched from all over the wonderful world wide web. Khutbahs will be delivered. Qunoot will be recited. Every Muslim will analyze the situation as if he/she has the perfect knowledge. While we will be busy ranting and raving, the enemy will get his job done with precise accuracy and with the best record of minimum civilian casualties. More Muslims will be liberated. Then victory will be declared, heat will be reduced, the TV will move to a new topic and we will cool down and go back to ‘normalcy’. During this time, more Muslim lands would have been grabbed, more settlements built, more Muslims killed, more Muslim activists jailed, more Mujaahideen betrayed, more Muslim areas occupied, more Muslim resources taken, more Muslim assets destroyed, more Muslims become homeless and destitute, more collateral damage suffered, more Muslim organizations banned, more Muslim assets frozen, more claims against Muslim wealth claimed for liberating them, more diseases spread because of radioactive pollution, lack of clean water, medicine and other basic necessities.

Well, people get what they deserve. Those who follow and react to other’s line, fall in the trap, and are slaughtered. Those who have a clear vision of their destination, a strategic plan to attain that vision, and action plans tied to the strategy and an unswerving resolve to execute their own action plan, regardless of the circumstances and without being distracted by others’ agendas and priorities, only they get somewhere. Only they succeed.

This strategic approach with clear vision and agenda, unrelenting struggle and unswerving resolve to accomplish that strategy is very concisely but emphatically commanded in the last verse of Aali-‘Imraan as the gist and summary of the whole Soorah:
O believers, persevere, outdo others in your resolve, remain prepared (to resist enemies, dangers or distractions) and fear Allaah (maintain Taqwa) so that you succeed. Aali-‘Imraan 3:200

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