How to Liberate Muslim Countries Peacefully

This message is for the Muslims who are living in Muslim countries (such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other middle-eastern countries) and who want to do something to defeat the US, but they feel helpless and think that they cannot do anything.

Let me tell you that none of you is helpless. Allaah SWT has given you a lot of power. You just have to free that power from the shackles of expediencies of this world and the fear of sufferings in this life. Once you liberate yourself from the fears and hopes of this world and put your trust in Allaah, preferring the comforts of the Hereafter, you will be amazed by the power that Allaah has given you. And starting on this path is not difficult. The following are some actions you can immediately take that can make a big difference:
  1. Start with making your intentions pure for the pleasure of Allaah SWT, repent sincerely, seek Allaah’s forgiveness and commit to improve yourself continuously. With purity of intention, embark on and keep striving to achieve personal excellence (Tazkiyah) and to practice Islam fully in its purest possible form. Without this step, everything else will be without Barakah (blessing), favours and help from Allaah SWT.
  2. Boycott everything American, (and Israeli and Indian for that matter) – consumer products, fashion products, food and drinks. Do not buy their magazines, do not watch their TV programs or movies and do not follow their culture. Do not go to McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and the like. Do not drink Coke, Pepsi, Seven-Up, Sprite, etc. Believe me, you will not be deprived. Your life will become better and simpler, your health will improve and you will save money, while at the same time hitting the Americans where it hurts them the most – their pockets.
  3. Refuse to help any American (or any Israeli / Hindu) in any way, shape or form. Do not rent your house to them, do not take them in your taxi, do not let them ride in your bus or wagon, do not rent your car to them, do not launder their clothes, do not clean their house, apartment or hotel room, do not carry their goods, do not talk to them even if they offer you 25 million dollars. What good are those millions of dollars going to do if you die and end up in Jahannam? Just doing these little things has the power of making FBI, CIA, RAW and MOSSAD weak and ineffective.
  4. Pray sincere Duaa to Allaah SWT. It is extremely important. But it is being mentioned at the end because Duaa without action is not acceptable to Allaah SWT. If people do what they are supposed to do and pray Duaa while taking action, then Allaah grants beautiful acceptance.

By taking the above-mentioned actions, even an ordinary Muslim has the power to make the invaders fail, even if their leaders are hypocrites who help the aggressors.

You may say that I am only one person; my actions alone will not make a difference. First of all, if everyone thinks in that manner, nobody will do anything and the enemies will keep using you for their purposes. Secondly, if you sincerely do it and encourage others to do the same, soon there can be a big movement that can be very effective in defeating the enemies. Thirdly, even if no one comes along and you are the only person doing these things, at least you have followed your principle, enjoyed inner peace and pleased Allaah SWT for your eternal success in the Hereafter. What a winning bargain!

Imagine the power of this concept if we promote it properly and vigorously and it becomes a movement in the whole Muslim world. If the airport worker in Turkey refuses to help US planes, the workers in the Saudi Arabian bases refuse to help Americans, the Jordanians, Qatari’s, Kuwaitis and Pakistanis and Afghanis do the same thing, despite their governments’ treachery to Muslims, just imagine the impact it is going to have on American forces without firing a single shot.

No body needs to rush to Iraq to fight. Refusing to cooperate with the enemy personnel wherever they happen to be in the world is one very effective way of your participation in helping the invaded people. Yes, those who take such initiatives of non-cooperation may lose their jobs or end up in jail, but no one said that resisting an enemy was easy.

Thus, no Muslim is helpless. Everyone has power to do their own Jihad at their own level. It is your call whether you want to do something or not. Those who choose not to do anything can neither claim that they are helpless nor blame their governments. Those who do not boycott and who do not refuse to cooperate with Americans, Israelis and Hindus are in fact helping those enemies of Islam in their killing of Muslims. Millions of people marching in protest and burning flags is utterly useless if the Americans, Israelis and Hindus in your country can still get everything done through you or through some people known to you.

Protest with your boycott of everything American and with your complete non-cooperation with any American personnel and then pray sincere Du‘aa to Allaah for help. Miracles will definitely happen. If you do not act now, you will soon be asking the same question again and millions will march again in protest when the next Muslim country is invaded. And who knows, it might be your own country.

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